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September 23

Negroes in Naples

They should’ve never gave these negroes money!!! This week the Best Friend Weekend crew welcomes the homie, RG, from the Tha Tipping Point Podcast to run through some highlights from Aldo and RG’s trip to Italy.  Per usual, Rumble Williams kicked off the episode with his recent jury duty experience which got us talking about black folks and this process (01:00).  Next, Aldo let us know What Burned His Boudin this week including not knowing about airport protocols (09:00) and new school bathrooms (12:00).  After this, we went on for over an hour talking about all things Naples… from the food to the culture, couples trip dynamics to bidets, travel experience to game night… it was a very detailed recap (19:00).  To end things up, we regrouped and gave our Big Three celebrities that we’d humble ourselves to ask for a pic with (1:21:00).

September 16

L.A. is that Gangsta?!?!

Hold up wait a minute, ya’ll thought we was finished?!?!  After a two-week vacation, Best Friend Weekend is back like we missed something!  Rumble Williams got things kicked off by giving his flowers for athletes that are GOATs in their sport (01:00) which led to us talking about how to cheat Father Time (03:00).  After discussing our absence (13:00), Aldo let us know What Burned His Boudin this week including solemn Dubai poses (16:00), FaceTiming in public (21:00), college rankings (22:00), similar documentaries (28:00), and L.A. being the most gangsta place on Earth (43:00).  On the back half of the pod, we said bye to the Queen (58:00), and revisited our student loan repayment talk (1:02:00) before giving our Big Three things we value in a college (1:05:00) and some random Saints talk (1:14:00).

August 26

You Don't Have to Be Racist to Do Racist Things

It was one of those weeks… Race and Culture intersected in a way that made for some great podcasting topics. Per usual, Rumble Williams led off this #LastFridays episode with his excitement for the start of fantasy football (01:00) which led to us giving our thoughts on team-building. Next, Aldo let us know What Burned His Boudin this week including gravitating to things you hate (09:00), wanting Deshaun Watson to apologize (15:00), napkins in doors (19:00), and FN Meka (25:00). You’ll notice our three main stories really leaned in on race as we talked about white employees at American Express filing a lawsuit for reverse racism (40:00) and white kids putting cotton in their black teammates’ hair at the Little League World Series (51:00). To end the pod, we discussed Idris Elba not subscribing to black nepotism (1:01:00) and gave our Big Three beneficiaries of this concept (1:11:00).

August 19

Family Matters

For the first time in a while, we brought you an extendo clip of that BFW!  Nothing like an episode with IMHO to bring that out of us… Rumble Williams led things off, as always, with his thoughts on catching up with old acquaintances (01:00), which led to us discussing the science of not following up (03:00).  Next, Aldo let us know What Burned His Boudin this week including ABs (15:00), grown folks not being able to do math (22:00), and the short memory of TV show writers (27:00).  After this, we went all over the map.  Some of the topics we touched on were cafeteria budget cuts (38:00), what makes a good salary (45:00), teacher money (52:00), and cultural appropriation in wrestling and beyond (58:00).  We chose to dedicate some time to give our thoughts on the little league football game shooting in Lancaster, TX (1:05:00) before ending with our Big Three Black TV characters of all time (1:19:00).

August 12

Pay Back That Loan!

School is back in for folks like C.A.P., so BFW is giving you all types of teaching and learning this week!  Rumble Williams kicked off the podcast with his thoughts on the Hall of Fame (01:00) which led to use talking about different sports and who should be in (03:00).  Next, Aldo let us know What Burned His Boudin this week including Kanye’s big win (10:00), monkeypox at 5015 (13:00), and some community burns from the homie, King Leo (18:00).  After this, we talked about T.O.’s run-in with a Karen (20:00), Trump outchea thieving (29:00), and compared PPP and Student loans (35:00).  A few more stories we touched on were the 100mph crash in L.A. (44:00) and Frank Gore & Marshawn Lynch behaving badly (53:00).  To wrap things up, we gave our thoughts on Mike Tyson’s new Hulu show (55:00) and our Big Three series or moves based on real people (1:00:00).



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