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Aldo NICE, Rog Smuve, and C.A.P. discuss current events in the world of popular culture, sports, and music from the perspective of cool, black guys with interesting and often opposing life views.  Now that I think about it, cool and black are kinda synonymous.... so let's just go with black.

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January 17


#GeauxTigers!!! This week the fellas paid homage to the Bayou Bengals with a distinct Baton Rouge flavor to the podcast.  Rumble Williams (BR resident) got things going with his thoughts on reformed freaks (01:00) which sparked a controversial, yet spirited, discussion comparing the run to a run-of-the-mill freak (04:00).  Next, Aldo NICE let us know what Burned His Boudin this week including social media misspellings (13:00), internet ‘restaurants’ (19:00), being close to death (26:00) and people with IG pages dedicated to their baby or dog (29:00).  Some stories we chose to tackle this week were Odell Beckham’s (LSU graduate) national championship game antics (37:00) and LSU fans’ fascination with the song ‘NECK’ (47:00), Meghan ‘Thee Stallion’ Markle’s exit from England (54:00), chips for the culture (58:00) and ‘Things Black People Take Seriously’ (1:03:00).  We wrapped up the podcast with Aldo having Nothin’ NICE to Say about fraternity logic (1:08:00), Lil Boosie (BR native) wearing Kappa para and fighting George Zimmerman (1:13:00) and Rog’s weekly NFL segment (1:24:00).

January 3

Top Ten of 2019

This year we waited until the new year to celebrate the Top Ten of 2019… Check out Aldo NICE, Rog Smuve and Los aka C.A.P. for the signature episode of Best Friend Weekend! Rumble Williams got us started by having a little Christmas, gift-giving convo (01:00), which prompted us to talk about what to buy folks, especially ladies (05:00). Next, Aldo let us know what Burned His Boudin for the last time in 2019 including memojis as profile images (10:00), soft NBA players (15:00) and engagement/pregnancy pics on social media (18:00). At this point, we got into our Top Ten lists for 2019 (29:00) before wrapping with some post-credit treats (1:06:00). Enjoy!

December 26

NNTS: Give the Drummer Some

This week is going to be a little different as we will be dropping the Top Ten episode closer to NYE (so no Friday drop). In the meantime, please enjoy this dope interview with a friend of the podcast, Jordan Almes. Aldo NICE caught up with Jordan (www.jordanalmes.com/) to talk through some cultural happenings and music. The podcast began with Jordan talking about growing up in NYC (04:00) and both of their shared history in band (08:00) and mathematics (14:00). After discussing the idea of talking a leap of faith and doing what you love (18:00), we were able to preview some of Jordan’s music, talk about different bands he is in and locations you can check them out (20:00). Some large cultural events we chose to tackle were Trump’s impeachment (29:00), a white male’s role in combating racism (38:00), interracial marriage (50:00) and being under attack in America (59:00). We ended the podcast with some brief sports talk as we have a tendency to do (1:09:00).

December 20

Ho, Ho, Ho

The Christmas countdown is on!  Hopefully you’re done at the job and getting into the spirit for the season!  This week Aldo NICE, Rog Smuve and Los aka C.A.P. welcomed Scottie D to the podcast as a special gift for you… Rumble Williams got things started with his thoughts on Joe Burrow’s Heisman speech (01:00) which got us talking about it’s implications and how Louisiana folk are being some whole clowns.  Next, we all shared things that Burned Our Boudin including people who put their phones on DND (08:00), Associate’s Degrees (13:00), 2020 people (16:00), external phone clips (19:00), “I’ll take him” (22:00), urinals that are too high (26:00) and random church happenings (28:00).  We revisited the Nick Cannon vs. Enimem beef, adding a list of what rappers you don’t what smoke with (36:00) before looking into the phenomena of buying the same Jordans multiple times (42:00).  D. Scott took a minute to plug his daughter’s new Demi Dolls (www.itsdemisworld.com) (49:00) which transitioned to our take on the fake kidnapping in NYC (55:00) and Trump’s impeachment (1:03:00).  We wrapped up the podcast with Aldo having Nothin’ NICE to Say about change in NOLA (1:06:00), the crew ranking our top 5 white boys (1:16:00) and Rog giving his weekly NFL segment (1:27:00).



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January 10

We Love America

Our first new recording of 2020! Aldo NICE, Rog Smuve and Los aka C.A.P. linked up for an extra long pod to start off the year... Rumble Williams got things kicked off with his thoughts on the wicked start to the new year (01:00). A lot of boudin was burnt this week with Aldo letting us know what Burned His Boudin including football fans (07:00), Facebook “watch parties” (14:00), plastic mattress covers (17:00) and burning American flags (22:00) before we got a few audience submissions from @bearded6footer and Rumble (27:00). The three main stories we chose to tackle this week were our coverage of Trump’s War and all things Iran (35:00), black people being boxed out of the legal marijuana industry (55:00) and a large counterfeit shoe ring being busted (1:06:00). Next, Aldo had Nothin’ NICE to Say about parenting (1:16:00) before we wrapped with a Russian billionaire’s indecent proposal (1:19:00) and LSU holding the torch for the Boot (1:26:00). The pod closed with a double dose of post-credits work consisting of Rog’s NFL segment (1:29:00) and some Thomas bashing (1:31:00).