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September 10

Dinner with BFW

We can party all night, it’s the best of the best!  Aldo NICE, Rog Smuve and Los aka C.A.P. made it do what it does this week as we have a tendency to do.  Rumble Williams started things off by lamenting all of the weekend turnups he has missed due to the pandemic (01:00) which led to us discussing our own experiences and Aldo’s recent trip in the context of not inviting all of your friends on trips (05:00).  Next, Aldo let us know What Burned His Boudin this week including broken escalators (24:00), shared toilet etiquette (26:00), sitting next to a couple on a flight (32:00), that lil computer voice (39:00) and light skin vs. dark skin folks (42:00).  We chose to talk about some musicians this week with the talk centering around dinner with Jay-Z (44:00), 50 Cent’s constant trolling (46:00), the Certified Lover Boy Album (52:00) and Boosie being Boosie (58:00).  Boosie’s upcoming biopic was a great jumping off point to give our Big Three hood movies of all time (1:02:00) followed by some football talk to end the episode (1:10:00).

September 3

Weekend Lover Boys

The Lover Boys are back to Virgo month!  Aldo NICE, Rog Smuve and Los aka C.A.P. are the building with to discuss everything that’s popping in the culture!  Rumble Williams kicked off the pod by speaking about the aftermath of Hurricane Ida (01:00) which turned into a discussion of what would happen if we lost power for a long time (04:00).  Next, Aldo let us know What Burned His Boudin this week including having to be hospitable (11:00), he/him/his (20:00), Trick Daddy clowning (23:00) and that you can’t hit students (26:00).  Some of the big stories we touched on were the Chinese video game ban (36:00), the Bishop Sycamore finesse (41:00), Cam Newton getting cut (49:00) and Kanye’s new album (55:00).  We wrapped up the episode by discussing the Big Three black sitcoms of all time (1:03:00).

August 27

Cold & NICE

Let’s wrap up the month on the good foot with another installment of the Best Friend Weekend Podcast w/ Aldo NICE, Rog Smuve and Los aka C.A.P.… Rumble Williams got things kicked off with his second go round of the ‘Resumes’ discussion (01:00).  Next, Aldo let us know What Burned His Boudin this week including having to tell folks when they made a mistake (08:00), grownups with lil kid handwriting (14:00), OnlyFans reversal of stance of porn (22:00), the Jayren Bradford shooting/the sneaker game (27:00) and the Texas Lt. Governor’s comments on race (40:00).  The return of #RonaTalk found us discussing colleges disenrolling students (41:00), FDA approval of vaccines (44:00), schools and that Rona (47:00) and unvaccinated NFL folks (52:00).  After giving our thoughts on the #CrateChallenge (55:00), we talked about two folks who are in the need of publicists: Sha’Carri Richardson (1:01:00) and Lil Boosie (1:05:00) before concluding the episode with the Big Three entries in the N-Word Mount Rushmore (1:18:00).

August 20

I Love My Homeboys

Let’s get it!  Another Friday, another episode of your favorite podcast with Aldo NICE, Rog Smuve and Los aka C.A.P.  Rumble Williams kicked things off with some storylines for the upcoming football season (01:00) which turned into a discussion of who we cut for in the NFL (03:00).  Next, Aldo let us know What Burned His Boudin this week including server suggestions at restaurants (10:00), line etiquette (14:00), fake vaccine cards (17:00) and cigar dudes (25:00).  A couple of stories that we all over social media that we chose to touch on were white celebs not bathing (29:00), PJ Washington’s clownness (34:00) and Turk’s “gay games” (43:00).  Aldo took a minute to have Nothin’ NICE to Say about district folks in classrooms (57:00) before we concluded with our Big Three first day of school outfits (1:12:00).

August 13

Back To School

Delta outchea shining and we trying to send these kids back to school with no masks. Crazy world we living in! Aldo NICE and Los aka C.A.P. got together to try to help you make some sense of it. Rumble Williams got things started this week with some neighborhood fence wars (01:00) which led to a discussion of inside dogs and cats (03:00). Next, Aldo let us know What Burned His Boudin this week including short flight drinking (08:00), driving based upon mood (13:00), and talking to other folks’ kids on social media (23:00). We then got into the bones of episode with discussions about the start of school (24:00) and charter schools vs. private schools vs. public schools (35:00). The concept of changing times was on display when we discussed Robin coming out as bisexual (49:00) and the idea of removing gender from birth certificates (57:00). We closed the pod with Rog Smuve having some new homeowner energy (1:02:00) and our Big Three live TV moments (1:08:00).



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