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Aldo NICE, Los aka C.A.P. and friends discuss current events in the world of popular culture, sports, and music from the perspective of cool, black guys with interesting and often opposing life views.  Now that I think about it, cool and black are kinda synonymous.... so let's just go with black.

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February 23

Access, Equity, and Fairness

Another interesting week in the Culture and Best Friend Weekend has you covered for our final February episode… Rumble Williams has obviously been busy because he decided to lead off with something we discussed weeks ago (01:00) but we pivoted and had a good conversation about things that only people with kids understand (03:00).  After this, we took some time to talk about some Houston area events that call parenting into question including the kidnapping of an 11-year-old girl (05:00) and the mistreatment of the 11th grade young man (15:00).  Next up, Aldo let us know What Burned His Boudin this week including eating bananas from the back (23:00), young boys and old women (25:00), the 5-year-old waxer (31:00), AirBnB revenge (36:00), and Trump at SneakerCon (42:00).  This led to us having an interesting discussion regarding access, equity and fairness at this years’ NBA All-Star Weekend (48:00) before ending the pod by giving our Big Three obscure Tiny Desk Daddies that we want to see (1:06:00).


March 1

Racism Season

Marching into March with the crew from Best Friend Weekend!  It’s racism season in America, so hold on for an episode that you need to hear.  Rumble Williams led things off by revisiting the concept of the Small Town Hall of Fame (01:00) which got us discussing parameters for entry (02:00) and giving a nod to the new dark-skin A-Rod (14:00).  Next, Aldo let us know What Burned His Boudin this week including school-aged kids out during the day (17:00), Glorilla shooting a shot at Dame (21:00), Boosie cooning (31:00), Kanye existing (34:00), and the indictment of Meek Mill by the culture (40:00).  After this, we dove into racism by discussing Beyonce’s new music and how they won’t invite her to the white cookout (46:00).  We wrapped by discussing Cam Newton winning the handicap match at Wrestlemania 7-on-7 (51:00) and presenting the Big Three athletes we think we can beat up (1:03:00).


February 16


Welcome to the Best Friend Weekend Podcast for this 3rd installment of 2024 Black History Month!  Rumble Williams led things off by discussing playing defense and staying out of the way (01:00) which led to us giving our thoughts on grown man toughness (02:00) and cities that say they are bout it (09:00).  After this, we chopped it up for a few about Valentine’s Day and equity in relationships (11:00) and staying at other folks’ cribs (16:00).  This led to Aldo letting us know What Burned His Boudin this week including black teacher groups (21:00), hating on Snoop cereal (24:00), College Hill at XULA (27:00), Boosie’s double standards (31:00), talking down on the way we roll in Houston (38:00), and OnlyFans continuing to be out of control (42:00).  On the back end of the pod, we gave all of our thoughts on the Super Bowl and Usher (45:00) and some Mardi Gras moments (55:00) before ending with our Big Three cats who suddenly fell off (59:00).


February 9

everything ain't racist

We said it… everything really ain’t racist.  Sometimes we gotta let the small stuff walk and tackle the big issues… #JustSaying. This week Rumble came in hot with his love for Black History Month (01:00) which had us reminiscing about BHM programs at school (02:00) and led to a talk about keeping things in-house with the black folks at work (10:00).  Next, Aldo let us know What Burned His Boudin this week including the Travis Kelce fade (20:00), why the black dude not on Griselda (23:00), the Kobe statue (27:00), and Austin Rivers and them (30:00).  After this, we touched on some Super Bowl talk (34:00) and some music things including Drake showing out and Jay-Z crashing the Grammys (40:00).  To end the episode, we talked about a parent being charged after their kid committed a crime (47:00) and gave our Big Three signature hairstyles (55:00).


February 2

Sports Entertainment

Starting off February on our shenanigans, the crew from Best Friend Weekend hit the ground running.  Rumble started things off by discussing his need for a drill (01:00) which led to us talking about grown man tools and the Internet of Things (15:00) but not before a quick detour to run it about the Peter Principle, elevation/promotions, and not wanting to argue with people (02:00).  Next, Aldo let us know What Burned His Boudin this week including Team Player Daddy (21:00), renting Air Jordans (24:00), the Swiftie Bowl (29:00), and Saints players crashing the Pro Bowl (33:00).  After this, we talked about Vince McMahon being a wild boy (35:00) and S.A.T. Daddy getting the bag (43:00) before ending with our Big Three sports that women can beat men in (52:00).



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