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January 8

Capitol Punishment

This is one of those weeks where people ask us… “How soon ya’ll dropping the podcast?”  It’s up, because we knew you wanted our take on the events of this first week of 2021.  Rumble Williams got things started with his thoughts on letting our collective guard down and that leading to the act of terrorism at the Capitol (01:00).  This lead in got us talking plenty about the failed coup including if Trump knows what he’s doing (02:00), the top government building to protect (12:00), if black folks were the rioters (17:00), the 25th Amendment (23:00) and the elections in Georgia (24:00).   Next, Aldo let us know What Burned His Boudin this week including reposting without credit (26:00), people who don’t hang up (30:00), famous people bragging on relationships (32:00), frats being the only ones who can have fraternal bonds (36:00), “ballin” folks looking for stimulus checks (44:00) and people who went out for NYE (50:00).  After a riveting conversation about the Continuum of Association (55:00), Aldo had Nothin’ NICE to Say about space in a marriage (1:13:00) before we ended with our thoughts on social media stars disappearing (1:20:00).

January 1

Top Ten of 2020

Happy New Year… or Happy New Years for my people (you know who you are)!!  Check out Aldo NICE, Rog Smuve and Los aka C.A.P. for the signature episode of the Best Friend Weekend Podcast!  Rumble Williams got us started by having some thoughts on skimping on toilet paper (01:00) which prompted us to talk about what is acceptable at certain ages and microwaves (03:00).  Next, Aldo let us know what Burned His Boudin for the last time in 2020 including logo infringement (09:00), missing out on the new hearts (19:00), people who can get it but don’t want the vaccine (24:00) and adulting on vacation (29:00).  At this point, we got reviewed some Top Ten lists of the past (33:00) then got into our Top Ten lists for 2020 (37:00) before wrapping with some thank yous and New Years’ resolutions.  Enjoy!

December 25

Best Friendsmas

Merry Best Friendsmas!  The good folks at Best Friend Weekend are here with a Christmas present for our loyal listeners… Rumble Williams did the first reading with his thoughts on Black Superpowers (01:00) which got us talking about the logic behind it in hotep nation (03:00) and what superpowers you wish you had (07:00).  Being in the Christmas spirit, we chose to run down our Christmas 2020 plans (13:00) and the top Christmas songs of all time (18:00).  Next, Aldo let us know What Burned His Boudin this week including writing names on gift bags (21:00), amber alerts before 7am (24:00), giving tickets during holidays (29:00), non-QWERTY keyboards (38:00), typos in dope text messages (40:00) and posting pics of vaccine shots (47:00).  After discussing the stimulus checks (57:00), we took some time to decide if James Harden is tripping these days (1:01:00).  We finished up with Aldo having Nothin’ NICE to Say about Rihanna (1:11:00) and the team talking about an American being jailed in the Cayman Islands due to privilege (1:15:00).

December 18

Where The Money Reside

With 2020 winding down, Aldo NICE, Rog Smuve and Los aka C.A.P. got together talk our talk about everything going on in the culture.  Rumble Williams got things started by discussing last minute Christmas shopping (01:00) which allowed us to give our thoughts on selecting who to buy gold, frankincense and myrrh for (03:00) and what to do when you get unexpected presents (16:00).  Next, Aldo let us know What Burned His Boudin this week including celebrity thirst traps (22:00), items ‘still clickable’ on the SNKRS app (27:00), not knowing how to end a text convo (31:00) and when you cannot DM in Zoom meetings (38:00).  Two stories that got our attention this week were the little league football kid getting hit by the coach (44:00) and Lil Wayne selling his masters (1:07:00).  The pod wrapped up with Aldo having Nothin’ NICE to Say about karma (1:16:00) and the group sharing some general Kevin Durant hate (1:22:00).

December 11

Moving On Up

Two weeks until Christmas and the fellas at Best Friend Weekend are bringing you that Friday sauce like only we can!  Rumble Williams led things off with his questioning of the amount of people who don’t get away with crimes (01:00) which led to a fun discussion about Crime TV shows/channels and why folks are drawn to them (03:00).  Next, Aldo let us know What Burned His Boudin this week including personalized hashtags (10:00), bad social media matches (16:00) and when your friends move (23:00).  In a personal conversation, we lamented one of our friends moving and discussed what are factors that should be taken into account when moving to a new city (25:00) before we talked about the fairness of having a transgender woman in Argentinian soccer (46:00).  We wrapped up this week’s episode with Aldo having Nothin’ NICE to Say about the good suffering for the bad (57:00) and Los discussing teaching during the pandemic and inequities in return rates for different races (1:05:00).



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