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Aldo NICE, Los aka C.A.P. and friends discuss current events in the world of popular culture, sports, and music from the perspective of cool, black guys with interesting and often opposing life views.  Now that I think about it, cool and black are kinda synonymous.... so let's just go with black.

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May 20

Take Care of Your People

Welcome to your safe haven after a rough week in African America.  Rumble Williams led off the pod with his belief that he can guess your era based upon particular factors (01:00) which led to us talking about 1st day out gear (02:00), being fashionable vs. stylish (05:00), and men who can dress (10:00).  Next, Aldo let us know What Burned His Boudin this week including congratulations for nothing (14:00) and K.Dot saving Africa (23:00), plus we gave a community boudin burn regarding job hoppers and lawsuits (27:00).  Next, we took some time to discuss our feelings about the Buffalo, NY shooting (36:00) and BLM’s alleged misappropriation of funds (47:00).  On the back half of the episode, we talked about Netflix’s Our Father documentary (58:00), graduation season (1:02:00), and some random sports talk about Pat Bev, AB, the NBA Playoffs, and the Saints (1:06:00).  We ended off with our Big Three things we miss about college (1:14:00).

May 13

Africa City, Africa

“Yooo… You stopped messing with weed and you moving to Africa?!?!”  Best Friend Weekend’s monthly collab with In My Humble Opinion is going worldwide!  Rumble Williams led things off with his apprehension about folks knowing his resume (01:00) which led to a conversation about having the sauce and Googling everyone you meet (04:00).  After this, we took some time give Kevin Samuel’s his flowers one more time (10:00), have an extended Belly flashback (22:00), and discuss Aldo’s trip to the Motherland (28:00).  Next, Aldo let us know What Burned His Boudin this week including Dwights being the same everywhere (37:00), needing shots to go to Africa (46:00), and needing COVID results to return to the States (52:00).  On the back end of the pod, we ran through Dave Chapelle’s assault on stage (1:01:00), Nike taking on StockX (1:11:00), and some random observations from the culture (1:19:00).  To end things off, we gave our Big Three countries we would like to visit (1:28:00).

May 6


Look... Aldo is in Africa and we still got this thing out to you guys... What more do you want from meeeeee???

April 29


Five years and a week… and this time it’s Last Friday’s with Rumble Williams!  To kick things off, Rumble starting by telling us a story about being treated like a counterfeiter (01:00) which got us talking about why you would ever have increments in your possession that could be suspect (03:00).  Next, Aldo let us know What Burned His Boudin this week including big education, lil income (10:00), #testfailed (16:00), wine-os in the club (23:00), and deep tissue massages (26:00).  After rehashing some topics from last weeks’ anniversary episode (29:00), we talked about job appreciation (37:00), Elon Musk taking over Twitter (44:00), and da release of Da Baby’s self Da fence tape (57:00).  To wrap things up, we had a very long Big Three club songs that guys sing along too (1:08:00) and some sports talk (1:22:00).

April 22

I Got Five On It

Trust me… The Five-Year Anniversary episode of the Best Friend Weekend Podcast did not disappoint!  Lock in, because Aldo NICE produced the extended clip of all extended clips with this two-hour heat check.  First, we took a trip down memory lane with some old audio from some of the first episodes of the podcast (01:00) before Rumble hopped on to give his official BFW salute (04:00).  From there, Los aka C.A.P. and Aldo chopped it up about the beginnings of the podcast, how we got here, and what this really means to us (05:00) before running through some stories about how we have built this decade-long friendship (15:00).  Next, Aldo let us know What Burned His Boudin this week including folks “putting you on” something cheap (24:00), HOV lanes with barriers (28:00), and choosing some nasty lyrics to condemn (32:00).  After this, we brought in some guests to run down our normal weekly commentary on the culture starting with Doc appearing to help us work through D. Wade’s son’s Easter pictures from a mental health point of view (39:00).  Then, Gramstar showed up and also gave his thoughts on this (56:00) along with a transgender inmate getting folks pregnant in prison (1:01:00) which led to the crew giving our Big Three Man Skills (1:10:00).  We followed this up with Aldo having Nothin’ NICE to Say about a four-day work week (1:28:00) where Bald Head Harry made an appearance.  This allowed us to pivot to a convo about mask mandates (1:36:00) and our Big Three baby gifts that we have received (1:41:00).  Finally, we had the Bossman John Murray on, post-credits, to get us over two hours and giving his unique Caribbean flare to the episode.



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