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Aldo NICE, Los aka C.A.P. and friends discuss current events in the world of popular culture, sports, and music from the perspective of cool, black guys with interesting and often opposing life views.  Now that I think about it, cool and black are kinda synonymous.... so let's just go with black.

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May 31


It’s been a long time, we shouldn’t have left you… without a dope pod to step to.  Sorry for the wait loyal listeners, but the life been life-ing as they say, but we are back!  Rumble Williams kicked things off talking about taking out the meat (probably not what you think) (01:00) which led to us explaining our absence, talking about annoyances around the crib, and Houston tornadoes (02:00).  Next, Aldo let us know What Burned His Boudin this week including sloppy eaters on IG (08:00), folks with new phone numbers (11:00), not picking the Mac (16:00), and being mad about the Negro Leagues getting their respect (19:00).  We had a lot of teacher talk this week such as end of year hate, a new Bishop Sycamore situation, Houston stripping teachers, and dropping kids home (27:00).  We had to take a minute to discuss the Trump conviction and different types of democrats (45:00).  On the back end, we gave our thoughts on the FAMU donor (55:00) before we talked Diddy (59:00) and gave our Big Three artists who had the game in a chokehold during their time (1:07:00).


May 10

Drake Won. You Trippin!

Now you’ve had extended clips before, but we decided to go back-to-back with a two-hour daddy with Just Devaughn joining us again this week!  Rumble jumped in and gave Who Wants to be a Millionaire it’s flowers (01:00) which led to us talking about TV and internet and media we consume (03:00).  Next, Aldo let us know What Burned His Boudin this week which was only Kentucky Derby dressing at home (09:00) but King Leo had some more burns to think about as well (15:00) before Aldo told us a thing he really loves, IG polls (22:00).  After this, we took our time and gave you an hour straight of discussion of the Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar beef from all angels (29:00) which a crazy story of a friendship being tested due to rappers that we have never met (1:10:00).  To end off the episode, we gave our Big Three unpopular opinions (1:32:00) and gave a few thoughts on a teacher going a bit too far by having his students unbraid his hair (1:46:00).


May 3

Barred Up

In the illustrious words of Justin Timberlake, after April, “it’s gonna be MAY”! And the crew from Best Friend Weekend is kicking off the month with the content you were waiting for… Rumble Williams started off by comparing “Where My Hug Guy” with “You Don’t Know Nobody Chick” (01:00) which led to us laughing about people we cringe when hanging around (02:00). Next, Aldo let us know What Burned His Boudin this week including top ranked 9-year olds (07:00), the Pelicans sweep (14:00), Ryan Garcia cheating (26:00), and St. George, Louisiana (30:00). Did I mention Just Devaughn was here this week?? Oh, he was in the building and joined us to laugh at this crazy A.I. story from a school in Baltimore (40:00) and to give his thoughts on the Drake and Kendrick Lamar diss tracks (56:00). This took up most of the back half of the episode, but we also had time to give our Big Three rappers you’d want to battle for you (1:27:00) and some post credit humor still about the rap beef of the week (1:40:00).


April  27

BFW Live!

We live, playa! Day late and a dollar short, sure… but understand we had something cooking for you to end the month of April for sure! Rumble Williams kickstarted the podcast with some Denzel love (01:00) that led to us paying homage and running or mouths about TV and movies (02:00) and some specific talk about hometown teams (13:00). Next, Aldo let us know what Burned His Boudin this week including “don’t take if you’re allergic” (17:00), “that’s it, that’s the post” (19:00), flies in public (21:00), senior niggas (23:00), old pledges and their perry (28:00), HBCU pride without the background (30:00), and Devin Haney (34:00). After this, we took you all over the map by discussing getting promoted under racists (43:00), people claiming other races (46:00), an H-Town dude being charged with murder (48:00), LeMelo starting N.I.L.’s (51:00), and D.Wade hate (54:00). This brought us all to and ending were we used recent rap beef to give our Big Three gangsta singing dudes of all-time (57:00).


April  19


Feels good to be back!  The Best Friend Weekend team finally got their act together to bring you some content for the first time in the month of April!  Rumble Williams led things off by discussing Karma (01:00) which led to us talking about our hiatus and our thoughts on getting what you deserve (02:00).  Next, Aldo let us know What Burned His Boudin this week including everyone not being able to cook (13:00), OJ news stories (20:00), contributing (28:00), overly personal posts (36:00), and mad teachers (38:00).  After this, we talked about the most recent Houston restaurant scandal (41:00), the rap civil war (45:00), and our weekly A.I. discussion (52:00).  To round out the episode, we talked about hooping, particularly the WNBA (1:01:00), before ending with our Big Three Louisiana teams of all time (1:07:00).



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