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November 18

NNTS: Where Champions Are Made

In this installment of Nothin’ NICE to Say Interviews, Aldo NICE caught up with a friend of the program, business owner and personal trainer to the stars, Alfred Zeno, to recount some of our past exploits and discuss important happenings in the culture. The podcast started with some discussion about physical fitness, how we met and what brought Zeno to the field of personal training (04:00). Next, Zeno provided some free game regarding good habits for the gym and lifestyle changes that are necessary for maximizing your fitness goals (12:00). After discussing some parenting things (22:00), we mused about our differences in sports preferences, particularly how race relations can impact our fandom (26:00). This conversation transitioned into us winding down the podcast with our thoughts on the Myles Garrett incident against the Steelers (36:00), how black men look at things through a lens of race (43:00) and Zeno letting you know where you find his gym and training schedule (47:00).

November 15

In My Bed

TGIF, my people!!  Aldo NICE, Rog Smuve and Los aka C.A.P. linked up to run down what the last week was talking bout.  Rumble Williams led off the pod with his fear of license plate collectors (01:00) which got us talking about what people do with those and what is a ‘9 to 5’ (09:00).  Next up, Aldo let us know Burned His Boudin this week including handshaking teachers (10:00), chapped lip season (14:00), the #homecomingchallenge (20:00) and Popeye’s haters (24:00).  We then switched focus to discuss some major stories for the week.  Big topics up for discussion were Tamar Braxton’s comments about homosexuality (26:00), the removal of ‘likes’ from Instagram (38:00), Kim Kardashian’s benefits to society (44:00), Colin Kaepernick’s tryout for the NFL (50:00) and Drake being booed off the stage (1:01:00).  At this point, Aldo had Nothin’ NICE to Say about Rodney Reed’s impending execution (1:05:00) before the fellas talked about Coach O and LSU’s big win (1:15:00) and Rog ended with his weekly NFL segment (1:18:00).

November 8

No Limit

Still recovering from Alapalooza, Aldo NICE, Rog Smuve and Los aka C.A.P. got together to do podcast things.  Rumble Williams started off the show by running down his thoughts on the plight of the black quarterback (01:00) to which we gave our thoughts.  Next, Aldo let us know what Burned His Boudin this week including standing in parking spots (08:00), shows that skip seasons (11:00), ‘fishing’ in gumbo (14:00) and daylight savings time (19:00).  After discussing birthday etiquette and debriefing a sneaker ball, we got into the main stories of the week.  We took time to talk all things Master P (31:00) and compare No Limit to Cash Money (39:00) prior to saying our piece about Jasmine Cashmere’s conversion (46:00) and the return of the Popeye’s chicken sandwich (49:00).  We next chose to dive into a major story from Louisiana about the racist post of an insensitive business manager in Lafayette (55:00).  We wrapped up the pod with Aldo having Nothin’ NICE to Say about the Washington Nationals (1:14:00), getting some laughs off about T.I.’s parenting (1:19:00) and Rog giving his weekly NFL (1:30:00).

November 1

You Got Served

It’s November! Happy BornDay to Aldo NICE... For Alapalooza, Aldo, Rog Smuve and Los aka C.A.P. linked up to do what we do! Rumble Williams led off the proceedings by giving his thoughts on Kanye West (01:00), which led to us giving our two cents on the JESUS IS KING album and cancel culture, in general (07:00). Next, Aldo let us know what Burned His Boudin this week, including posting celebrity pics (13:00), homecoming tings (15:00) and people who get mad at jokes (18:00). Three big stories we decided to dive into this week were LeBron’s hair situation and what are our plans for when our time comes (21:00), Lil Fizz serving Omarion (28:00) and Van Lathan’s firing from TMZ (39:00). The next segment of the pod focused on the NCAA changing course with their stance on student compensation (43:00), our farewell to Pops (52:00) and Aldo having Nothin’ NICE to Say about Michael Bennett and the Cowboys (55:00). We finished things up with some Halloween talk (1:02:00) and Rog’s weekly NFL segment (1:16:00).

October 28

Who Let The Dogs Out?

Aldo NICE and Los aka C.A.P. versus a pitbull... The adrenaline was pumping so we took out the mic. This is our first-hand account of a wild, random Sunday afternoon!



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