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November 25

Friendsgiving '22

It’s 2022 Friendsgiving!  Welcome to the Best Friend Weekend annual event… This year, our lil cousin Rumble Williams said grace and led off the pod by reminding everyone to be thankful during this holiday season (01:00) which led to us imploring you all to cherish these moments with family and friends (03:00).  Next, we let you know what Burned Our Boudin this week including trash aux cord holders, again, (07:00), sporting events in other parts of the world (13:00), and kids being off of school the entire week (20:00).  Some things we took some times to talk about were White Supremacy Culture (23:00), more mass shootings in the US (28:00), and August Alsina’s announcement (37:00).  The passing of one of the Power Rangers (40:00) led to our Big Three childhood TV shows (46:00) and an additional Big Three baby shows for our sons (52:00).

November 18


So ya’ll wanted an extendo clip… well, you got one… literally!  BFW’s pre-Thanksgiving edition popped off with Rumble Williams laying out a statute of limitations on new movie discussion (01:00), which got us talking about Black Panther 2 watchers (02:00) and dubbing old videos and movies (07:00).  Next, we ran through some things that Burned Our Boudin this week including Coke Zero truthers (10:00), “be there in 5 minutes” (17:00), bad aux cord holders (18:00), not using GPS for unknown trips (19:00), and screenshots with TMI (24:00).  After this, we had a lot of discussion about Black on Black violence, particularly the UVA shooting (27:00), Glock switches (37:00), and #JusticeForQuella (44:00).  With Gramstar in the mix this week, it was only right to have a lengthy discussion about soccer and particularly, the World Cup (58:00).  To wrap things up, we gave our Big Three Louisiana city names (1:12:00).

November 11

Old Negus Homecoming

11-11 it feels like a lucky day… what better way to spend it than with the crew from Best Friend Weekend! This week, Rumble led off the pod by reminding us all to mind our business (01:00) which led to the team discussing the importance of staying in your lane (02:00).  Next, Aldo let us know What Burned His Boudin this week including Astros mania for casuals (08:00), teachers wanting the day off for nothing (12:00), folks who think homecoming needed them (18:00), and people who don’t understand routine (28:00). After recapping ALstroworld from this past weekend (33:00), we really spent a lot of time discussing all things voting and elections (36:00) which led to a Big Three black celebrity candidates (56:00).  To end the episode, we ran back 21 Savage’s XXL Class of 2016 Verzuz challenge (1:04:00).

November 4

L for Houston?

Big 40 Energy all week on the BFW Podcast!! To kick off Scorpio season, Rumble had a few words about wing flavors (01:00) which got us talking about how we coming at Wingstop (02:00).  Next, Aldo let us know What Burned His Boudin this week including people who share results early (07:00), bad Halloween etiquette (12:00), and texts about voting (15:00).  After this, we took some time to discuss the unfortunate events surrounding Takeoff’s death (18:00), the Josh Primo allegations (31:00), and Kyrie Irving’s foolishness (40:00).  To end things off, we had family time with Tom Brady (48:00) and D. Wade (55:00) before giving our Big Three ATL rappers of all time (59:00).

October 28

Milk Duds

Happy Halloween from the good people at Best Friend Weekend!  Rumble Williams led of this trick-or-treating edition by discussing bad Halloween candy (01:00) which led to us giving a Big Three Halloween candies of all time (02:00), killing kids with candy, leaving candy outside, and adult Halloweens (06:00).  Next, Aldo let us know What Burned His Boudin this week including high school not being wild wild in our day (12:00), kids thinking StockX is Foot Locker (17:00), sending DMs to multiple people on IG (18:00), and ‘suffering from mental health.’  We hated to do it, but we had to talk about Kanye West again (24:00) but took some time to also have some commentary on Monica & Kodak Black (47:00) and kidney theft (49:00).  On the back part of the pod, we talked about shoes a bunch.  First, we talked about what you would do for some kicks (53:00), not getting Jordans in grade school (59:00), and our Big Three shoes we wanted as a kid (1:02:00).



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